Dr. Galit's Clinic

Dr. Galit Naor Raz holds a PhD in Psychology from Brown University in the United States, where she studied and conducted brain research in the area of perception and cognition. Dr. Naor Raz has also taught university-level courses for many years. Her training as a cognitive experimental psychologist has provided her with a strong research background, which translates into the ability to ask the right questions, obtain critical data, and analyze it effectively.

In addition, Dr. Naor Raz holds an MSW (Master's in Social Work) from Rhode Island College. Her training as a clinical social worker has given her the ability to identify and treat a variety of psychological disorders and challenges, ranging from depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, obsessive compulsive disorder, and more. She has extensive experience in treating eating disorders in children and adolescents. In the past, she worked as the primary clinician in an outpatient clinic at a children's hospital in the United States, diagnosing and treating eating disorders as part of a multi- disciplinary team. She has also worked in family service agencies as well as community mental health centers in the United States, providing individual and group psychotherapy services to many individuals and families.

In addition to working in her private practice, Dr. Naor Raz currently works as a therapist at Tel Aviv University’s Psychological Services, providing care to international students. She also teaches and trains clinical psychology interns in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). She runs workshops on time management, procrastination, and exam anxiety for students.

One of Dr. Naor Raz’s areas of interest lies in helping Olim and new comers to Israel with adjustment issues.

Education and training: