Dr. Galit's Clinic

During this challenging period, online treatment is possible. Healthy wishes!


Life provides us with a complex and wondrous journey, where we sometimes encounter challenging and stressful situations. Sometimes we carry pain with us for many years, and at times we arrive at intersections that involve difficult dilemmas and important decisions.

My practice aims at helping clients understand their difficulties and provides them with the space in which to do so, while getting support and an opportunity to voice themselves. My approach uses a variety of scientifically proven techniques known to be among the most effective in order to help clients feel better and ultimately reach their goals. I use a combination of psychodynamic understanding with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance- commitment therapy (ACT) tools, mindfulness, relaxation, and guided imagery techniques. At times I use art materials to enhance treatment, according to the client’s needs. I work with both adolescents and adults. Sessions can be conducted in either English or in Hebrew, since I am bilingual.

I believe in clients’ ability to achieve positive change in their lives, with persistence and willingness to change. The challenges facing us are an opportunity to re-invent ourselves. Still, each of us is given unique timing in which to do so. Therapy provides an anchor for this, where patience, sensitivity, and respect are central.